How to Keep Your Car Active and Maintain it during the Lockdown?

It is predominant to Maintain Your car during Lockdown as no repair centers are open at this time.

Cars are a thing which people love and are very passionate about. Along with owning a car, maintaining your car is a big responsibility. Cars need proper maintenance from time to time just like every other machine. We need to look after its Engine Maintenance, Tires, Air Conditioner Repairing, all other Car Parts. Keeping up with the Updated Car Accessories is also one major aspect nowadays.

It was way easier to keep your Cars maintained before the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the Lockdown in abundant parts of the World, you cannot take your vehicles out on road often or take them to repair or service centers & get them fixed. Therefore, all you can do is stay at home and wait for the lockdown to be over. But this will surely damage your vehicle & its parts. So, it is very crucial & difficult to Maintain your car during Lockdown.

Few points to follow in order to Maintain your Car during Lockdown:

  • Keep your Cars covered underneath Car Wraps: It is recommended to keep your car covered under Car Body Covers(link) & Car wraps. The car doesn’t catch unnecessary dirt from outside and keeps the temperature of the car balanced.

  • Clean your Car once in a week or twoCar Cleaning is a very important factor to follow in order to keep your Car in a good position and its maintenance as dirt might cause damage to the Car parts and jam the working of those parts.

  • Keep Your Engine running once in some time – During the Lockdown, it’s restricted to take your Cars & go outside your homes. So, you should start your engine and keep it running for 5-10 minutes. It will keep the Car engine warmed up every now and then & not get jammed.
  • Refill air in your Car tires – Refill air in the Car tires(link) at your home using an air pump/inflator. It keeps your tires working and the steel metal also will not get rusty.
  • Drive the Car once a week – It is recommended to drive the car once a week or two even if just for 5 minutes. A Car is a mobility machine which demands to be mobile & running to keep all the machineries working perfectly.
  • Get your Car repaired at home – Everything nowadays is available on the internet to you starting from any service to any product. Car Repair is also one of these Services for which you do not need to go outside. Instead, get your car repaired at home yourself by searching for the nearest Service Provider which offer pick & drop from the comfort of your homes.

These were some great tips to keep your Car in a good condition during lockdown too.

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